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March 2, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 8

Key CT Legislative Committee Advances Bill to Tighten Vaccine Requirements for Schoolchildren but Grandfather in Existing Students With Religious Exemptions

The amended bill passed by a narrow 14-11 vote in the legislature’s public health committee after an extended debate on what has become one of the most controversial issues at the state Capitol this year and has drawn considerable protest. | Hartford Courant, Feb. 24

South Dakota Lawmakers Reject Proposal To Stop School Vaccine Requirements

The AP (2/25, Groves) reports a South Dakota House committee on Tuesday “rejected a proposal to stop schools from requiring students to get vaccinations.” The panel “heard emotional testimony from parents on both sides of the issue but decided to effectively kill the bill, saying it would have resulted in decreased vaccination rates and could have caused outbreaks in vaccine-preventable diseases.” Gov. Kristi Noem (R) opposes the legislation and told reporters last week that vaccinations have saved millions of lives.

Hundreds Show up to Speak Against Vaccine Legislation at the CO State Capitol

More than 360 people signed up to testify either for or against the School Early Immunization bill Wednesday. | Denver7, Feb. 20


“Mechanical things can go in a straight line. Time moves ahead continuously. So can a machine when it’s adequately powered. But processes in fields like history and economics involve people, and when people are involved, the results are variable and cyclical.”  -  Howard Stanley Marks (1946 -),  U.S. investor and writer, author of The Most Important Thing Illuminated: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor (Columbia Business School Publishing). 


“Shakespeare has 1,300 references to the Bible. You can’t study Shakespeare well if you don’t have a working knowledge of the language of the Bible.” – Delegate Kevan Bartlett on House Bill 4780 to allow high school electives on Hebrew and biblical texts

“On its face, it is unconstitutional. It discriminates against my religion.” – Delegate Mike Pushkin, one of two Jewish members of the House of Delegates, on House Bill 4780

“So it’s something you’re already doing and now we’re doing legislation for you to do it?” – Sen. John Unger, questioning the need for House Bill 4398 to require the teaching of certain historical documents

“It just seems to me it would make it harder to somehow deliver the education that’s much needed. STD is very important information to know about.” – Sen. Ron Stollings, expressing concern about House Bill 4398’s requirement for parents to receive advanced notice before their children can be taught about sexually transmitted diseases

“I think our law in this respect is trying to balance things that we think ought to be taught in the public schools with the fundamental right we all recognize of parents to parent their children.” – Sen. Charles Trump, arguing in favor of House Bill 4398

“We have to trust the people of West Virginia.” – Sen. Charles Trump, urging passage of Senate Joint Resolution 9 to put on the November ballot a constitutional amendment to eliminate certain property taxes

“It’s clear you’re raising taxes on individuals to pay for a tax break for businesses…. What we’re lacking is a trained workforce, a healthy population and flat land.” – Sen, Mike Romano, arguing against the property tax legislation

“This is the kind of micromanagement from Charleston that led me to run for office in the first place. What business do we have micromanaging every little bit of the classroom experience from the statehouse here? We’ve got none.” – Sen. Stephen Baldwin, a former county school board member, arguing Senate Bill 775, which would have required each new and newly renovated school to have two water bottle filling stations