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February 20, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 7

NM - Funding the Future: An Early Education Trust Fund

The new permanent fund envisioned by Gallegos would pay out millions every year for early education programs and services, kick-started with a big chunk of the oil and gas surpluses New Mexico is currently enjoying. | New Mexico In Depth, Jan. 17

"You don't concentrate on risks. You concentrate on results." - Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager (1923 - ), former U.S. Air Force officer, flying ace,  and record-setting test pilot. In 1947, Yeager  became the first pilot in history confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight. Yeager was born in Myra, Lincoln County.

“West Virginians are going to be the ones left to make up that hole.” – Senate Minority Leader Roman Prezioso on what might happen with the proposed elimination of property taxes on manufacturing inventory and equipment.

“It’s obvious where the increased revenue is going to come from, so you can draw your own conclusions.” – Commerce Secretary Ed Gaunch, speaking in favor of the proposed tax changes

“The School Aid Formula has to make up for that lost revenue. If that lowers, the state’s got to send more money.” – Ted Boettner of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy on the tax elimination legislation

“I want to re-emphasize it does not teach theology but rather the history and cultural significance of the Bible as a literary work for thousands of years.” – Delegate Kevan Bartlett, lead sponsor of one of two bills to allow high schools to have electives on biblical scriptures

“What if these kids who have suicide issues and depression issues learned in an objective manner that they were created by God – that they had a purpose, that God had a purpose for them, that they were loved by him, that life itself has a meaning, that life has a purpose?” – Sen. Mike Azinger on another bill to allow high schools to have electives on biblical scriptures

“In the counties that have their own virtual school, I believe there were about 255 students who have met the four-period eligibility, and then there’s another 14,000 courses being taken separately through the state Department of Education.” – Bernie Dolan of the SSAC on how many home-schooled students meet eligibility for public school sports by taking virtual courses

“This would be at the very least an aberration if we were to pass a bill authorizing the legislature auditor to audit a non-state agency.” – Delegate John Doyle on a bill to audit the SSAC