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February 14, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 6

According to a February 5, 2020 report by Joshua Rosario of, the legal dispute over whether the Jersey City Public Schools can use taxpayer money to pay teachers union representatives is heading to the New Jersey Supreme Court. View Article

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt of it.”  - Anonymous (Often attributed to Abraham Lincoln).


“Sports is way more important in southern West Virginia than an education ever was. Although that’s sad, it’s a fact. It’s reality.” – Sen. Paul Hardesty, while arguing against Senate Bill 131, the Tim Tebow bill

“Under this bill, every private and parochial school that’s not a member of the SSAC could send their kids to a public school to play ball…. We’re going to give them unfettered access to our public school sports activities. I think that’s a mistake.” – Sen. Mike Romano on the Tebow bill

“Why would you exclude these children from participating in sports when their parents are paying their property taxes?” – Sen. Mike Woelfel, arguing in favor of the Tebow bill

“We need to tune out all the political noise surrounding this issue, and we need to focus on the children.” – Senate Education Chairwoman Patricia Rucker in support of the Tebow bill

“The legislature does not need to be telling our county school systems who can speak at graduations, who cannot speak, for how long. I just worry that we’re going to get into this weird area where we’re not going to let students with disabilities or special needs speak.” – Delegate Cody Thompson on prescriptive language in House Bill 4069, the West Virginia Student Religious Liberties Act

“Who is going to designate what is lewd or obscene? Every county is going to have their own policy.” – Delegate Sean Hornbuckle on House Bill 4069

“The model policy does protect the student’s right to voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint. It protects the student’s right to include religious beliefs in homework, artwork and other written and oral assignments without being penalized or rewarded. It protects the student’s right to assemble for prayer groups, religious clubs or other gatherings. It ensures that students have equal rights to student facilities. It ensures that students have equal rights to advertise. It ensures that students have the right to wear religious clothing and memorabilia.” – Delegate Joe Ellington on House Bill 4069

“Unfortunately, in my school and in my county, we’re seeing a lot of new teachers and a lot of turnover very quickly. I think this legislation would greatly alleviate some of the teachers’ leaving and help us retain some of our really good teachers before they get burned out and they feel alone in the classroom and they’re just drowning. I think this will be a good step in the right direction.” – Delegate Cody Thompson, speaking in support of House Bill 4804 to improve teacher induction programs.

“Remember, prevention is cheap. What we’re talking about is trying to prevent drug problems, emotional problems in the future.” – Delegate Martin Atkinson on House Bill 4112 to require more psychologists in schools

“You cannot discipline the trauma out of that child. You need to do an intervention.” – Martha Wright of Florence Crittenden Services in Wheeling on House Bill 4649 to help students deal with trauma