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February 7 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 5

Charter Schools Are New to WA State. How Strong Is the Law Behind Them?

The new report found Washington was the only state whose law, from 2016, includes comprehensive monitoring of charter schools, either by the state or authorizing district, and data collection. | Seattle Times, Jan. 29


“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.” - 

Kalu Ndukwe Kalu (1954 -), 

Nigerian-born American political scientist specializing in comparative institutional development, national security policy, and organizational systems.

“My hope is that we have one rule book that everybody follows. I don’t want a rule book for member schools and a rule book for home school or non-member schools.” – Bernie Dolan, executive director of the SSAC, on a bill to let home-schooled students and students from private schools compete in public school sports

“There’s a discipline realm in home schools and private schools that the public school doesn’t even understand. There’s a higher standard of discipline actually.” – Sen. Rollan Roberts

“More lessons that are important for life are learned participating in team sports than in many other subjects that are taught in the regular curriculum. We must not treat the opportunity to participate in those activities and learn those lessons as a goodie that only gets extended to people who are enrolled fulltime in the public school system. They should be available to everyone.” – Sen. Charles Trump

“I think we risk upsetting the system for all the kids who take advantage of athletics and receive the lessons that are learned through athletics by participating in them. I’m willing to take that risk for home-schooled children because, again, I think parents are making a different decision than to send them to Notre Dame or Charleston Catholic.” – Sen. Mike Romano

“I do not think it is the state of West Virginia’s job, the legislature or anyone else beside the school district or the school to decide who gets to speak at these events.” – Delegate Cody Thompson addressing provisions of House Bill 4069 known as the West Virginia Student Religious Liberties Act

“I do think that some school districts have been asking for some type of guidance on how they can approach these subjects.” – Delegate Mark Dean discussing House Bill 4069

“I’m not fond of this bill. I’m not against this bill. I think it violates the Constitution. I think it could be construed to violate the Constitution in that it limits the electives to really two particular religions.” – Sen. Mike Romano on a bill to allow schools to teach Jewish and Christian texts

“This isn’t brand new. Kentucky passed this law that was even more broad three or four years ago. There’s 14 states that teach the Bible to some extent…with very few issues of any problems at all. And keep in mind, the Bible was taught in America for 300 years until 1962 or ’63.” – Sen. Mike Azinger