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January 31, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 4

Want Better Attendance? Look at Principal Quality

Focusing on Tennessee, new research has implications for how principals are trained, placed, supervised and evaluated. | Education Dive, Jan. 22


“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”  - Kalu Ndukwe Kalu (1954 -), Nigerian-born American political scientist specializing in comparative institutional development, national security policy, and organizational systems.

“Just a couple of years ago, or even last year, we did a whole lot of preaching about local control, and it seems that this amendment and the bill is not in the spirit of that local control.” – Delegate Brandon Steele on House Bill 2433, which would have made it harder for school boards to set school calendars as they desire

“What happened to our freedom agenda? [Do] we want one of the seminal pieces of legislation that we’re going to enact this session to be West Virginia House is trying to limit counties’ freedom to set school calendars? Well, if you want to vote for that, you’re going to do it without mine.” – Delegate Paul Espinosa, arguing against the school calendar bill

“I just think we’re going the wrong direction, folks. We’ve done a U-turn on our efforts to try to give school boards flexibility when we tell them what the school calendar is.” – Delegate John Shott, speaking in opposition to the school calendar bill

“I think what we’re really doing is giving surety to our teachers, parents and students that they’ll know exactly when school will be every year.” – Delegate Caleb Hanna, speaking in favor of the calendar

“We have to keep in mind that some of the local boards of education have somewhat abused that flexibility that they were given a few years ago. When we talk about boards of education and we talk about parents going before boards and giving input, we’ve seen local boards of education absolutely ignore the input that’s been given to them both on the establishment of a calendar, as well as consideration for consolidation or closing of a school. That input has been overlooked.” – Delegate John Kelly, lead sponsor of the calendar bill, speaking in favor of it

“This simply gives future legislatures the ability to shift taxes around, to make us a positive landing spot for some of those places to come.” – Sen. Tom Takubo on one of two proposed constitutional amendments to cut property taxes.

“Counties and cities and schools would all face serious impact if this tax were to be repealed.” – Sen. Bill Ihlenfeld on the consequences of eliminating certain property taxes

“I think that what the counties should be looking at right now is how many jobs that they do not have because West Virginia’s tax structure is out of step with our competitors.” – Sen. Eric Tarr

“Continually cutting taxes irresponsibly is a loser’s proposition. We have to worry about an educated workforce. We have to worry about educating our children. We have to worry about getting our state healthy. We have to worry about finding places for businesses to establish and build in our state. That’s going to bring jobs to West Virginia, not lowering our taxes even lower and depriving our people of the services.” – Sen. Mike Romano

“It’s unfortunate that we have a small group of students within the state of West Virginia who were not taught to handwrite in cursive. I have a granddaughter who is a freshman in high school this year. She has no idea how to write in cursive, yet she’s a 4.0 student.” – Delegate John Kelly on House Bill 4089 to require teaching of cursive writing