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January 24, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 3

Rep. Matt Claman (D-Anchorage) has pre-filed legislation that expands existing health education requirements to include mental health curriculum in all K-12 health classrooms. | Anchorage Press, Jan. 1

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”-Eric Arthur Blair (1903 – 1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell, British novelist and essayist, journalist and critic. His work is characterized by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism.

“We should be able to make a decision based on the facts, not hyperbole.” – Sen. Mike Romano, speaking against a proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the tax on manufacturing inventory and equipment, which supplies much revenue to school districts and county governments

“We can no longer be a one-trick pony in West Virginia.” – Sen. Eric Tarr, arguing in favor of removing the tax on manufacturing inventory and equipment to help West Virginia diversify its economy

“While I understand the impetus behind this amendment, I think that we have existed for many years since 1958 with this structure giving executive authority to the state school board. I think it is really important that we have a check, and this is a check that was built into our Constitution.” – Delegate Barbara Fleischauer, speaking in opposition to House Joint Resolution 102, which would propose a constitutional amendment to give legislators more control over public education

“Every other executive branch has to come back to this legislature when they do the rules. That gives the people the final say over those rules.”  -- Delegate Tom Bibby, speaking in favor of the proposed constitutional amendment to give legislators more control over public education.

“I think the counties have become very good at building their calendars.” – Sarah Stewart of the Education Department, testifying as the House Education Committee approved a bill to limit school boards’ flexibility in setting school calendars

“Nothing will get people fired up any faster than messing with their football team, their basketball team, or whatever team it may be.” – Sen. Charles Clements, speaking against a bill to require a performance audit of the Secondary School Activities Commission

“You’re right. They don’t receive state moneys. What they do though is they use every public student athlete as an asset to generate revenue.” – Sen. Eric Tarr, arguing for his bill to audit the SSAC

“I know that the intent of this bill is to provide information to students to help them make decisions regarding their future plans,” – Senate Education Chairwoman Patricia Rucker on Senate Bill 303, the Students’ Right to Know Act, to require the Department of Education to make information available to students on their options for post-high school education