January 17, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 2


The association has secured Willard R. “Bill” Daggett, Ed.D., founder and Chairman, International Center for Leadership in Education, as keynote presenter of the West Virginia School Board Association’s (WVSBA) Winter Conference which will be held February 21/22 in Charleston (Marriott Town Center Hotel.

Daggett, is considered one of the nation’s foremost school improvement specialists.

Daggett's System for Effective Instruction and Rigor/Relevance Framework are the cornerstones of many school improvement efforts throughout the United States.

According to Daggett’s website, “Thousands of school districts have sought Daggett’s guidance for planning and implementing systemic change.”

In his presentation to WVSBA members, Daggett will focus on county boards of education accountability for student achievement – the central focus of 2019 public education reform legislation in West Virginia.

Visit The International Center for Leadership in Education’s website for more information - http://www.leadered.com/about-us/

State Forecasts: Population, Economic and Demographic Trends and Probable Effects on Public Schools

In addition to Daggett, the conference will include a plenary session reviewing various demographic trends having an impact on public schools, especially in the next few years.

John Deskins, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement, and Director of the Bureau of Business & Economic Research at West Virginia University, will coordinate this conference session.

“We will use ‘today’s’ statistics in order to forecast future county and regional population trends, including aging, as well as economic considerations, and schooling,” according to Howard O’Cull, Ed.D., WVSBA Executive Director.

School Culture – Not Just an Educators’ Topic

Details for the final plenary session relate to “What County Board Members Need to Know About School Culture and Why School Culture Plays a Pivotal Role in County Board Accountability for Student Academic Performance.”

O’Cull said, “Yes, it is long title. More importantly, we will introduce this topic in such a way county board members will see schools as complex and, to a lesser degree, how community values affect school culture and state-level school reforms.”

He said county board members would be completing pre-conference analyses of county cultural considerations.

Steve Gruenert, Professor, Educational Leadership. Indiana State University is the presenter.

Larry Pack Jr. is working with the association in terms of the "Manufacturing Inventory and Equipment Tax Exemption Amendment."

That proposed constitutional amendment would clarify the ad valorem taxation of current tangible industrial machinery, equipment, and inventory personal property directly used in industrial business activity would be reduced and ultimately eliminated. According to various amendment proponents local governments would remain “whole” due to loss of these tax revenues.

Pack is expected to provide regular briefings to the association’s executive board.

The inventory amendment has been considered in past legislative sessions. As a proposed amendment to the state Constitution, the amendment would need to garner two-thirds favorable vote of the state Legislature and voter approval.