January 10, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 1


Loarie H. Butcher (LBH Strategies) will provide briefs about Capitol activity relating to public education (bills introduced, committee and floor sessions) throughout the week to county board members and county superintendents who wish to receive the briefs.

The first two briefs will be forwarded to all county board members and county superintendents with county board members and county superintendents then having a time to unsubscribe from the legislative briefings.

Butcher represents the association during the legislative session and is expected to continue in that role during 2020 interim meetings.

Larry Pack Jr. is working with the association in terms of the "Manufacturing Inventory and Equipment Tax Exemption Amendment."

That proposed constitutional amendment would clarify the ad valorem taxation of current tangible industrial machinery, equipment, and inventory personal property directly used in industrial business activity would be reduced and ultimately eliminated. According to various amendment proponents local governments would remain “whole” due to loss of these tax revenues.

Pack is expected to provide regular briefings to the association’s executive board.

The inventory amendment has been considered in past legislative sessions. As a proposed amendment to the state Constitution, the amendment would need to garner two-thirds favorable vote of the state Legislature and voter approval.

The association has secured Willard R. “Bill” Daggett, Ed.D., founder and Chairman,

International Center for Leadership in Education, as keynote presenter of the West Virginia School Board Association’s (WVSBA) Winter Conference which will be held February 21/22 in Charleston (Marriott Town Center Hotel.

Daggett, is considered one of the nation’s foremost school improvement specialists.

Daggett's System for Effective Instruction and Rigor/Relevance Framework are the cornerstones of many school improvement efforts throughout the United States.

According to Dagget’s website, “Thousands of school districts have sought Daggett’s guidance for planning and implementing systemic change.”

In his presentation to WVSBA members, Daggett will focus on county boards of education accountability for student achievement – the central focus of 2019 public education reform legislation in West Virginia.

Visit The International Center for Leadership in Education’s website for more information - http://www.leadered.com/about-us/

More program details next week

“We have designed a highly interactive, informative program,” according to WVSBA Executive Director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.

Additional program segment details will be provided in the January 17 issue of The Legislature.

A series of Procedures which have governed county board member training since 1988 has been restructured.

The restructuring occurred during July-December 2019 at the direction of the state Board of Education was granted responsibility for a statutory committee whose purpose is largely to determine training goals, programming and accountability.

Four county board members serve on the committee which restructured training Procedures and well as two State Board members, including WVBE President Dave Perry.

The restructured Procedures are in effect and, in the Procedures, are not State Board policy were placed on public comment.

Aspects of the Procedures will be reviewed in future issues of The Legislature.

Online Training Records Portal

As part of the process in terms of restructuring Procedures, the Association is charged with developing a system (online training records portal) whereby county board members manage their individual training records with the association staffing have access to individual records primarily for end-of-the-year reports.

“We have a prototype,” according the association executive director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D. O’Cull the prototype will be operable by June 30 and deployed for FY21.

“I realize this is a departure from how things have been for more than 30 years, but the committee has determined members should have this technological capability.

“Essentially, things remain the same except that members will record and manage training records – a process now completed by the WVSBA staff. It was the committee’s contention the online training records portal provides members ease of access to records as well as listing of various training venues available as well as promoting members’ accountability for the county board member training process,” said O’Cull.

Association executive director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D., has announced formation of a committee whose purpose is to review various documents included in West Virginia Code §18-5-14, a 1993 section of law relating to “§18-5-14. Policies to promote school board effectiveness.”

“The statute played prominence in much of the effort to create greater county board accountability for school decision-making and policy latitude,” said O’Cull.

I am working the West Virginia Association of School Administrators to develop ways to more fully utilize the breadth of this statute which, at the time of tis enacting, was innovative.

The policy requires various linkages with constituencies, a catalog of best practices, ways to more fully involve the community in public education and use of research for county boards to make more informed decision-making, said O’Cull.

“We need county board members and county superintendents who will work to make this policy operable, meaning the statute is treated with the potential it has,” according to O’Cull.

In Memoriam

William Curran

County Board Member

William “Bill Jack” Curran
1954 – 2019

Public education leaders

Kenneth Cameron Legg

1923 - 2019

(West Virginia School Service Personnel Association Founder / Executive Director Emeritious, lawmaker, Coach)


Sally Matz Susman

1930 - 2019

(Journalist, community/civic leader, lawmaker, county board member)