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January 10, 2020 - Volume 40 Issue 1

KY to Pay for the GED Test for Thousands of Kentuckians, Gov. Andy Beshear Says

About 335,000 Kentuckians over the age of 18 don't have a high school diploma or GED, officials said. Paying for a test should not be a barrier to better-paying jobs, they added. | Louisville Courier Journal, Jan. 7

“It is evident that skepticism, while it makes no actual change in man, always makes him feel better.” – Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce (1842 – circa 1914),  U. S. short story writer, journalist, poet, and Civil War veteran. His book The Devil's Dictionary was named as one of "The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature" by the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our state is strong. And it’s growing stronger every day.” – Gov. Jim Justice in State of the State address that included little about public education

“I like that he’s willing to think about things like that.” – House Speaker Roger Hanshaw on the governor’s call for more funding for the school backpack program

“For over 30 years, people have been talking about getting rid of this tax…. We want to be the legislature that gets rid of it.” – Senate President Mitch Carmichael on the proposed elimination of the tax on manufacturing inventory and equipment that provides much revenue to school districts.

“I will guarantee you will see the NAEP scores go up in two years.” – Supt. Steve Paine

“I think this is actually the first time that our state has had a stable accountability system in the past four or five years.” – Supt. Steve Paine

“Where we sometimes go sideways is that prevention and early intervention efforts are more effective when they are ongoing, evidence-based and implemented with fidelity, so scattershot approaches don’t necessarily work as well.” -- Christina Mullins, commissioner of DHHR’s Bureau for Behavioral Health, on mental health services for students

“It’s not just having therapy in schools. It’s about classroom environment. It’s about greeting the kids at the beginning of the day. It is about the entire school. It’s involving the custodians all the way up to the principals. It is a school focus, and that is a way to instill a culture of change.” – Christina Mullins

“Every child needs something different, so you have to have a lot of resources and a lot of things available based on what that student needs.” – Michele Blatt, assistant superintendent in the Education Department’s pision of Support and Accountability, on support services for students

“One of the challenges we’re going to be faced with here is that we’re going to have schools, whether we like it or not, in your own neighborhoods where they’re going to be miles apart and one school is going to have five, six, seven self-contained classrooms and another school is going to have one.” – Associate Supt. Clayton Burch on potential problems in putting video cameras in all self-contained special education classrooms

“I think that we in the legislature take this exceptionally seriously and that we expect when we pass a law of this nature that it be treated as law.”  -- Delegate Daniel Linville, R-Cabell, expressing impatience about delays in getting cameras installed in special education classrooms