July 2, 2019 - Volume 39 Issue 11


Over the next few weeks, the West Virginia School Board Association has established three “work groups” to develop policies relating to major provisions of House Bill 206.

According to WVSBA Executive Director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D., “Each association work group is open to participation from any association member.” O’Cull said as groups complete their initial work products by Nov. 15, the draft product will be shared with other entities and organizations.

O’Cull also announced work groups will receive public input, although mechanics have not been determined. “This will occur. We are looking at several approaches.”

In viewing House Bill 206 O’Cull said there were several areas in the bill which require county boards to develop a policy for implementation of the legislation. “In some instances, however, the State Board has that responsibility. What we do through working groups can inform State Board policy directives,” according to O’Cull.

O’Cull praised the association’s willingness to see “the good” in the measure. “While there is concern about charter schools – true alarms and rhetorical red herrings – mostly red herrings – the legislation is in place and we, as an organization, must familiarize ourselves with policy parameters, realizing, again, the state Board of Education has significant responsibility in this regard,” according to O’Cull.

Once model policies, practices or guidelines are developed, O’Cull said the template for such will be available to county boards for conversion into policies.

For more information, contact O’Cull. His preferred contact information is hocull@wvsba.org


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