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July 2, 2019 - Volume 39 Issue 11

IN - Indianapolis Is Experimenting with a New Kind of Teacher — And It’s Transforming This School 

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School 107 is one of six district schools piloting the opportunity culture program, which allows principals to pay experienced teachers as much as $18,000 extra each year to support other classrooms. Next year, the program will expand to 10 more schools. (Chalkbeat, Feb. 16)

“If you live long enough, you'll see that every victory turns into a defeat.” -  Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986), French author



“Looking at the bill in its entirety – with all of its many, many great pieces that help our children and our teachers – there is truly so much good that will benefit teachers, students, and all West Virginians.” – Gov. Jim Justice after signing House Bill 206, the last of three omnibus education bills developed by legislators

“Let’s give this legislation a chance. Our organization will be developing model policies for local boards in implementing House Bill 206 provisions. Our process will include means for public input.” – WVSBA Executive Director Howard O’Cull

“Younger board members are not as apt to make tough, financially sound decisions in board meetings because they’re not always popular with the public.” – Sen. Paul Hardesty, a former Logan County school board member

“Ultimately, this is a bill for the betterment of education.” – Sen. Patricia Rucker

“We have made a massive investment in our traditional public education system, as well as we’ve provided choice and flexibility for our parents, teachers and students. This is a moment that we will mark as a turning point in the education delivery mechanism in our state.” – Senate President Mitch Carmichael

“Let’s fully fund education first. Let’s fully fund public education. Charter schools will do nothing to help public education.” – Sen. Mike Romano

“To say that this bill is a heavy lift is a very gross understatement.” – Senate Majority Leader Tom Takubo

“We wasted six months of our time actually debating charter schools. We should be talking about this drug problem.” – Senate Minority Leader Roman Prezioso

“When I met with my county board of education, they are not interested in public charter schools. So the bill sets out that, if my county doesn’t want it, they don’t approve one.” – House Majority Leader Amy Summers

“There’s a lot of fear that that power that’s in Charleston is going to be slipping away, and it’s going to go down to those local school boards.” – Delegate Tom Bibby

“I just can’t bring myself to believe this is the right idea for West Virginia.” – Delegate Mark Dean, principal of a school in Gilbert

“My question to anyone who would vote for this legislation is: Who are you listening to? Because you’re not listening to us.” – Nicole McCormick, president of the Mercer County Education Association, at the public hearing on House Bill 206

“It is counterintuitive to me that legislative proposals continue to imagine ways to erode our public schools by diverting public funds to support private options for a few.” – Debra Sullivan, state school board member, at the public hearing on House Bill 206

“You say West Virginia is one of only four states that don’t have charter schools. I think we should wear that as a badge of honor.” – Fred Albert, president of AFT-West Virginia, at public hearing on House Bill 206