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February 22, 2019 - Volume 39 Issue 7

Charter Schools

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The DeSantis budget proposed linking the state‘s Schools of Hope program to federal "opportunity zones"created by Trump’s $1.5 billion tax plan. The zones, which were championed by policymakers on the left and right, offer tax incentives to encourage private investment in economically distressed and lower-income communities. (POLITICO Florida, Feb. 19)

In a democracy, in a functioning democracy, what would be happening is that popular organizations, unions, political groupings, others would be developing their programs, putting them forth, insisting that their representatives implement those programs. - Avram Noam Chomsky), American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, political activist, and social critic. Sometimes called "the father of modern linguistics", Chomsky is also a major figure in analytic philosophy and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science.

“Why should West Virginia parents, students and teachers not have the same options that 44 states and the District of Columbia have for their students?” – House Majority Whip Paul Espinosa, arguing unsuccessfully to expand the number of charter schools that would be allowed under Senate Bill 451, the omnibus education bill

“This is a terrible idea. It’s a waste of money.” – Delegate Larry Rowe, arguing against education savings accounts.

“This is an investment for the safety of our kids.” – Delegate Isaac Sponaugle on a provision to put law enforcement officers in every school

“It is a bad bill for education. It will not have a positive impact on West Virginia’s educational deficiencies, except for raising salaries that will allow us to recruit higher-qualified teachers.” -- Karen Nance, a former member of the Cabell County school board, on Senate Bill 451, the omnibus education bill during a public hearing on the bill.

“Charter schools are designed to serve the best and brightest. Charter schools lack transparency. And something not being heard: Charter schools will affect the passage of county board excess levies and bonds. Passage of excess levies and bonds prove to be matters that are not only critical but maintain many counties. Many counties have never been able to pass a levy or a bond, and with this added into the mix, may never be able to again.” – WVSBA President Lori Kestner, testifying against Senate Bill 451

“We believe that every child in West Virginia should have access to a high-quality education regardless of their income or ZIP code, and we believe that ESAs would be an important step forward in achieving that goal.” – Jason Huffman of Americans for Prosperity, arguing in favor of education savings accounts

“We all know that some high schools try to recruit athletes. This bill, as it is, makes the problem worse.” – Delegate John Doyle on House Bill 2554, which would make it easier for students to transfer from county to county.

“It sounds like a great idea. Let’s do this.” – Delegate Marshall Wilson on House Bill 2554

“This generation of a lot of these children who were born into addiction are now coming of the age where they’re hitting our public schools. I applaud the efforts of the sponsors of this bill to address this alternative form of discipline, so we can keep the kids in the schools and get them the help that they need.” – Delegate Mike Pushkin, speaking in support of House Bill 2100 to develop a pilot program to provide mental health services instead of suspending students for disruptive behaviors.