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March 9, 2018 - Volume 38 Issue 9

The AP (3/5, Fineout) reports the Florida legislature gave final approval to a bill that would establish “the nation’s first ever private school voucher program for bullied students.” The bill “containing the new $41 million voucher program barely edged out of the Florida Senate as four Republicans sided with all but one Democrat in fierce opposition to the legislation. Democrats sharply criticized adding another voucher program in a state that already spends nearly $1 billion on vouchers.”

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” – David “Dave” Scott Mustaine (1961-), American guitarist, singer, songwriter, actor and author. He is known as a co-founder of the American heavy metal band Megadeth and is its guitarist, lead singer, and primary songwriter.

“We have to understand where this $20 million is coming from, as well. That’s going to be coming out of General Services and Medicaid.” – Senate Finance Chairman Craig Blair on budget cuts that could be necessary to provide for pay raises to teachers, school service workers and others

“The governor says we have the money for this. The House says we have the money for this in the budget. Don’t do this on the backs of the Medicaid recipients.” – Sen. Mike Woelfel

“We will not let our people that are on Medicaid suffer in any way.” – Gov. Jim Justice

“I will not stop until we see the student performance improve in the state of West Virginia to where it attracts business.” – Senate Finance Chairman Craig Blair

“Those employees that missed nine days were, in fact, paid for those nine days off. Those nine days must be made up in order for those employees to be paid.” – Supt. Steve Paine

“Counties are strapped lots of times for staffing, resources and money. So they need to be able to go outside of their county to get those resources. They can’t develop the professional development. They can’t provide it. We can provide it statewide with consistency on a $1.5 million budget.” – Lorrie Smith of the Center for Professional Development on why the Department of Education and the Arts should not be eliminated, as House Bill 4006 would do

“Really, the main focus of this legislation is to reinforce the principal as the instructional leader of the school and call upon that principal in consultation with his or her staff at their school to really determine what professional development is relevant and would be most impactful in their classrooms.” – House Education Chairman Paul Espinosa, speaking in favor of House Bill 4006

“I think we’re in the process of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. How in the world in the current budgeting process could we ever think about these programs being funded with the cut-cut-cut mentality that I see on a daily basis?” – Sen. Ron Stollings, speaking against House Bill 4006

“My God, we’re playing with kids’ lives now. These kids depend on this to survive.” – Sen. Mike Romano, expressing concern about the fate of Energy Express if House Bill 4006 would pass

“We think that we can accomplish almost completely the goal without a statutory enactment and looking at our guidance documents.” – Heather Hutchins, general counsel for the Education Department, on why a bill for alternative teacher certification, House Bill 4407, is not needed.

“The department has already indicated that they can take care of this without a bill. Why are we trying to put lipstick on a pig?”  -- Sen. Bob Plymale on an attempt to amend House Bill 4407