March 2, 2018 - Volume 38 Issue 8



At the direction of the West Virginia School Board Association (WVSBA) Executive Committee county boards of education presidents and/or their designee(s) participated in a telephone conference call Tuesday, February 27.

The conference call allowed county boards of education presidents to share information regarding the ongoing school employee walkout – and to discuss options regarding return of school employees to teaching or service positions.

Parsons announced a second such is scheduled for this weekend. Details regarding that particular conference call will be finalized soon.

County board presidents and/or their designee(s)  participating in the Feb. 27 telephone conference call included:

  • Barbour - Eric Ruf 
  • Braxton -  Dave Hoover
  • Calhoun - Jenna Jett
  • Doddridge – Chad Evans
  • Grant – Janie Berg
  • Greenbrier – Jeannie Wyatt
  • Hampshire – Jean Shoemaker
  • Hancock – Toni Hinerman
  • Hardy - Nancy Hahn
  • Jackson - Bobbi Ferrell
  • Jefferson - Scott Sudduth
  • Kanawha – Jim Crawford
  • Lewis – Paul Derico
  • Logan - Paul Hardesty
  • Marion - Tom Dragich / Mary Jo Thomas
  • McDowell – David Williams
  • Mineral - Rob Woy
  • Mingo - James David Farley
  • Monongalia – Barbara Parsons
  • Morgan – Dave Ambrose
  • Ohio – Zach Abraham 
  • Pleasants – Danny DeMoss
  • Preston - Clarissa Estep
  • Putnam - Dr. Craig Spicer
  • Raleigh – Larry Ford
  • Randolph – Donna Auvil
  • Ritchie - Ed Cokeley
  • Roane – Jeff Mace
  • Summers – Sue Angell / Debbie Clark
  • Taylor – Austin Upton 
  • Tucker – Tim Turner
  • Tyler – Bonnie Henthorn
  • Upshur – Tammy Samples
  • Wayne - Trey Morrone
  • Webster - Susan Chericalo
  • Wetzel – Bill Jones
  • Wirt – Carl Brainard
  • Wyoming – Mike Prichard

“This telephone conference call was quite informative, allowing the association to discern the climate in each of the counties regarding the work stoppage as well as possible positive steps county boards can take to ensure that schools reopen.

“Comments centered on the issues having led to the school employee action, including the response of the governor and Legislature as well as public sentiment in the counties,” according to Association Executive Director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.

O’Cull provided county board presidents with several documents regarding the work stoppage, including copies of a 1990 state Supreme Court of Appeals Opinion regarding injunctions for “unlawful” work stoppages by school employees, a copy of a 1990 Attorney General Opinion relating to such as well as  documents concerning Open Meetings Laws and similar considerations.

According to O’Cull and Parsons, the weekend telephone conference call will include a county-by-county update regarding work action developments and county employees’ reactions to the governor’s and state legislators’ actions in regard to salary and Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) considerations.