January 20, 2017 - Volume 37 Issue 1


Many teachers take advantage of professional development sites that allow them to earn badges for viewing webinars or engaging in user communities to make better use of tools in their classrooms. A new entry in this field is Apple Education, which is giving teachers the opportunity to learn about iOS and Mac tools and integrate them into their instruction.

The Apple Teacher program, which was introduced in 2016, provides an online portal and a learning community to which teachers can gain access with their Apple identifications through their iTunes accounts. They can earn badges to monitor the tools they master.

The program allows teachers to proceed at their own paces and take quizzes when they are ready. They can find starter guides for overviews with interactive content for each individual tool. By using the starter guides and exploring the tools, teachers can generate ideas for use in their classrooms. Also, by using the #AppleTeacher hashtag, teachers can join a community of educators to share experiences.

The Apple Teacher program is one way that teachers enhance their knowledge and skills beyond what they learn in professional development workshops. 

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