February 12, 2016 — Volume 36 Issue 5



The West Virginia School Board Association Winter Conference, slated for February 19 and 20 in Charleston (Town Center Marriott Hotel), will focus on how various notions of leadership, developing “infrastructure” to acquire the legal tools for effective school board governance, and a review of ESSA – the Every Student Succeeds Act – and other developments in federal appropriations for education, child nutrition, and career and technical education.

“Leadership in Difficult Times: Demands, Strategies, Resources for County Board Governance and Citizen Accountability”

  • E. Gordon Gee, Ph.D., President – West Virginia University / Visions, Goals
  • Major General James A. Hoyer, The Adjutant General – West Virginia / Strategic Interpretation of Vision and Goals/Successful Implementation
  • Becky Ceperley, Former President & CEO – The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation / Member Charleston City Council - Resources, Capital, Constituency Investment / Member County Board Member Training Standards Review Committee (TSRC)
  • Michael J. Martirano, Ed.D., State Superintendent of Schools - Application to Public Education Leadership

This conference session explores various facets of leadership within the context of issues facing West Virginia county boards of education, including fiscal retrenchment, historical decisional latitude constraints, declining board/citizenry connectedness and similar issues.

The purpose of this session is to illustrate how county boards, in facing these very constraints, can use various traits of leadership to lead systems effectively, inspiring hope and confidence in the public schools and ensuring school district academic success. The format is one where each presenter will present in regard to their designated area of emphasis. 

The session will include a “questions and answers” segment.

Conference Note: A pre-conference reading will be forwarded to participants. As deemed fitting, presenters may use portions or thematic content of the pre-conference reading to frame a portion or portions of their remarks. 

“Know Your Infrastructure:  The Legal Tools for County School Board Governance” 

Presented by Richard S. “Rick” Boothby, Bowles Rice LLP, this conference session provides county board members strategies to effectively accomplish their statutory charges, especially through effective oversight and monitoring. (This session segment uses §18-5-14 as its foundation.) The session also will explore some important related dates/duties from the 2015-2016 Deadlines/Important Dates for County Boards of Education booklet prepared by Bowles Rice’s Education Law Group and distributed to county board members, county superintendents and others. A period for questions/answers is allotted at the conclusion of the presentation. The presentation also includes some preliminary activities.  

Federal Legislative Update: Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) & More”

Deborah A. Rigsby, director of federal legislation for the National School Boards Association (NSBA) will present this conference session which examines recent reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and how it will impact West Virginia county boards of education in areas such as local governance, teacher training and professional development, targeted intervention, authorization of federal funding and the regulatory process for ESSA. Through participating in this session, county board members will discover next steps for county boards to impact the ESSA implementation process, and also learn about recent developments in federal appropriations for education, child nutrition, and career and technical education.

TSRC recommendations regarding county boards of education and boards of education training

In addition to these conference sessions, Beverly Kingery, a state Board of Education member who chairs the County Board Member Training Standards Review Committee, will discuss the TSRC’s recommendations regarding county boards of education training needs.

As noted in the conference program, for the last several months, the TSRC, under Mrs. Kingery’s leadership working with a broad-based Committee constituency, has developed a comprehensive county board training guide, including resources for county boards’ receipt of effective training, including county board training based on identified local training needs, as outlined in West Virginia Code §18-5-1a. On behalf of the Committee, Mrs. Kingery will discuss the document and the next steps in regard to implementing the TSRC initiatives.


There are three Conference-related  workshops arranged around legislative activity during the 2016 Regular Session, discussions relating to West Virginia Department of Education initiates and a participant-led session.

Pre-conference activities include a WVSBA Executive Board Meeting, Capitol Visitations, as arranged by conference participants, and the FY17 Annual Business meeting.

Additionally, there are 11 exhibitors:

  • Air Mechanical Sales, Inc.
  • EMOD Construction Company
  • GCA Services Group, Inc.
  • Johnson Controls
  • LiveSuiteK12.com
  • Mason & Barry
  • Neola
  • OWPR Architects and Engineers
  • Reasoning Mind
  • Silling Architects
  • Williamson Shriver Architects

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