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January 13, 2014 Volume 34 Issue 2

Jan. 8-10, 2014 Session Bills Reviewed

By Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.,
West Virginia School Board Association Executive Director

Listed below are West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates bills introduced Jan. 8-10, 2014, during week one of the First Regular Session – 81st West Virginia Legislature.
Bill Review Format

Bills reviewed are listed topically with Senate bills listed first.

A total 88 bills are reviewed.

For a copy of any bill, please contact WVSBA: 304.346.0571, using 

Bills are posted on the West Virginia Legislature’s Web site:

Note: Listing is not exhaustive.


County Boards

Amending the procedures related to payment of claims. The bill relates to county boards. Under terms of the legislation, “properly authorized itemized claims (invoices) for services rendered are to be paid timely taking advantage of discounts for paying early. All claims shall be defaced when paid. The public bodies as listed above shall be provided a listing of claims paid, at least monthly, indicating the type of service or material furnished.”
There are other provisions.

Sponsored by Sen. Donald H. Cookman, D-Hampshire.

                To Senate Government Organization then Senate Finance.


Providing that after a county board of education has prepared its annual financial statement only a notice of availability of the statement must be published. The bill also provides that the cost of publishing the notice be paid from the board’s general fund.

Sponsored by Sen. Cookman.

                To Senate Education then Senate Finance.



Requiring count y boards to allow students with special needs to participate in graduation ceremonies with their peers. The bill prohibits county boards from denying special needs services to a student due to participating in the graduation ceremonies.’

There are five Senate sponsors, including lead sponsor Sen. Robert D. Beach, D-Monongalia. 

                To Senate Education.



Electing members of county school boards on a nonpartisan basis in general elections. Note: This measure would repeal §3-5-6. A new statute, §3-6-13, would be created to effectuate its purposes.

There are six House sponsors, including lead sponsor Del. Larry R. Kump, R-Berkeley.

                To House Political Subdivisions then House Judiciary.