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April 12, 2013 - Volume 33 Issue 19




A revised county board self-evaluation instrument has been forwarded to the West Virginia School Board Association membership. The instrument has been developed specifically for implementation of §18-5-1c of West Virginia Code, which requires boards to conduct a self-appraisal annually.

The instrument is based on the “Standards for High-Functioning County Boards,” which the state board of education adopted in 2012. Unlike the appraisal document used in FY12, the standards-based instrument has been streamlined and features far fewer questions or evaluative items, according to West Virginia School Board Association Executive Director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.

The evaluation is to be completed online by April 17, and members will receive one (1) approved training credit for completing the instrument.

For more information, contact O’Cull. His preferred contact information is, or you may telephone 304-346-0571 or use his mobile telephone number, which is 304-549-9463.