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April 1, 2013 - Volume 33 Issue 16

March 25, 2013 Session Bills Reviewed

By Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.,
West Virginia School Board Association Executive Director

Listed below are West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates public education and public education-related bills introduced March 25, 2013.

Monday, March 25, was the last day to introduce bills in the Senate and the House. (There are exceptions, including supplemental appropriations bills for example.)

Bill Review Format

Bills reviewed are listed topically, beginning with public education bills. A series of education-related bills follow. Senate bills are listed first.

A total 71 bills are reviewed.

For a copy of any bill, please contact WVSBA: 304.346.0571, using

Bills are posted on the West Virginia Legislature’s Web site:

The listing is not exhaustive.
NOTE: TSG Consulting assisted in preparation of this publication

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03/25/13 - To Senate Education

Senate Ref. 1 - Education
Senate Ref. 2 - Finance
LEAD SPONSOR: Barnes SPONSORS: Carmichael, Wells

The purpose of this bill is to create public competitive learning academies in the state. The bill sets forth the applicable regulatory and statutory requirements, exemptions from state laws and rules, and provides for conversion of public school to public competitive learning academy. The bill also established public competitive learning academy requirements, conditional approval of academies, funding, enrollment of students and their transportation. The bill establishes the school term, provides information on competitive learning academies, sets forth leaves of absence for teachers, employment of school personnel and their benefits. The bill additionally provides a termination process of a public competitive learning academy.  

Editor’s Note: Under terms of this legislation, “…the county board of education in which the competitive learning academy will be located is the sponsoring entity for the proposed competitive learning academy.”