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February 22, 2013 - Volume 33 Issue 5

Utah educators are hard at work implementing a new program they've named the Utah Comprehensive Accountability System (UCAS). Under UCAS, each school will be graded based on a 600-point system—next year they hope to nix the point system and offer a letter grade—based primarily on two categories: growth and achievement. (Salt Lake Tribune, 02/12/13)


“Without losers, where would the winners be?” – Charles Dillon “Casey” Stengel (1890-1975), nicknamed "The Old Perfessor,” was an American Major League Baseball outfielder and manager.  He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966.


“We do support and join the governor in his priorities. We have embraced the challenges set forth.” – Supt. Jim Phares on responding to the education efficiency audit

“I know there’s been a lot of talk about balanced calendars, but balanced calendars may not make sense in all counties. What we’re talking about is autonomy and providing that in all counties kids are in school 180 days a year and also ensuring that the teachers have their 200-day contract.” – Supt. Phares

“Probably the second-most demanding thing I’ve done has been being involved with RESAs and local school systems and talking to them about the development and delivery of professional development, which will be decentralized and take professional development from Charleston to the local school level. I’m pleased to say that that is still moving forward.” – Supt. Phares

“It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into it, and it’s a nice looking document, but it’s just not finished. That committee is going to bring the thing before the board in March.” – state school board President Wade Linger on a new teacher evaluation system

“Please understand: We have no desire to take over school districts. We don’t want that. Part of what we’re trying to do is nip it in the bud. As the superintendent was saying, these things start happening as they have declining enrollment, and at the local level, they’re reluctant to reduce staff because of all the reasons we’re all reluctant to do that. And then they get into trouble.” – Wade Linger

“Local control, as we’ve discussed at the School Board Association, is really local discretion – discretion to implement creative, evidence-based programs that address the urgent challenges facing our school districts. Would it not be better to allow boards to focus on solutions rather than mandates, policies, procedures, reports and compliance with all of these things?” – Barbara Parsons, president of the Monongalia County school board

“So instead of telling us how to do it, tell us what needs to get done, and let us do it.” – Barbara Parsons

“Now is the time for real change. We don’t need to tinker anymore. We don’t need the fear of change. We need to do the things we know we can do to make things better.” – Greg Prudich, president of the Mercer County school board

“We believe that what works in our county of Mercer may not work in other counties with different sizes, different geography, different weather patterns.  We believe the more we can control our calendar locally, the more likely we can provide 180 actual instruction days to our children.” – Greg Prudich

“You cannot just put a nurse in a school and expect her to function. School nursing is a bridge between health care and the academic setting.” – Laura Barber, a Kanawha County nurse, who warned legislators that a recommendation to let school-based clinics handle the duties of school nurses is not a good idea

“We are seeing more counties move toward a schedule where they could start earlier. We’re hearing a lot of interest for next year, so I think there will be more counties that start earlier.” – Joe Panetta of the Education Department





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