December 11, 2012 - Volume 32 Issue 25




The West Virginia School Board Association’s Executive Board met by conference call Saturday, December 1, to discuss the association’s response to the education efficiency audit.

As a result of that meeting, Executive Director Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D., was directed to write a draft response to the audit, based on board member comments made during the conference call. Additionally, the membership is to be polled on their thoughts regarding the audit.

“We want membership input first and foremost,” WVSBA President Jimmy Wyatt (Tyler) said, urging all members to participate in providing their input. “We have developed a way for members to respond very quickly and very easily. All it requires is a few minutes of your time. Rather than a survey, we want open-ended responses. Howard will then compile these in his drafts for the executive board to see.”

The WVSBA will present its thinking in regard to the audit at a January legislative interim subcommittee meeting.

“We want to be prepared to represent you and represent the membership well,” Wyatt said. “We can’t do so if you don’t provide us your thinking. It is not fair to Howard if cannot get the membership’s direction. It is hard to write this report, if it is to represent your thinking, without your thoughts and ideas regarding the audit.” 

O’Cull said the membership will receive an email regarding the audit on December 10.

“It’s a pretty simple format,” he said. “I need your guidance.”

For information regarding the audit, please visit this link:

For information regarding the state board of education’s response, please visit:
Governor Earl Ray Tomblin commissioned the audit in 2011.



County boards of education members and county school superintendents will meet March 8-9 in Charleston for the West Virginia School Board Association’s 2013 Winter Conference.

“The program is being developed and will be considered in January by the County Board Member Training Standards Review Committee,” WVSBA President Jimmy Wyatt (Tyler) said.

In addition to training programs for county board members, association executive officers will be elected at the FY14 Annual Business Meeting. Wyatt said the program also will include exhibits and features visitations with legislators as arranged individually by county board members or local boards.