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January 16, 2012 - Volume 32 Issue 2

Jan. 11-13, 2012 Session Bills Reviewed

By Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.,
West Virginia School Board Association Executive Director

Listed below are West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates bills introduced Jan. 11-13, 2012, during week one of the Second Regular Session -  80th West Virginia Legislature.

Today is day six the session. In terms of the legislative calendar, Rule-Making Review bills are due Jan. 30.

February 20 is the last day to introduce bills in the Senate and the House. (There are certain exceptions, including supplemental appropriations bills for example.)

Bill Review Format

Bills reviewed are listed topically, beginning with public education bills. A series of education-related bills follow. Senate bills are listed first.

A total 64 bills are reviewed.

For a copy of any bill, please contact WVSBA: 304.346.0571. You also may contact me at

Bills are posted on the West Virginia Legislature’s Web site:

Editor’s Note: Listing is not exhaustive.



County Boards

Magisterial boundary lines would have to be withdrawn every 10 years

Senate Bill 146.

The purpose of this bill is to require county commissions to change magisterial district boundary lines after every decennial census to achieve, as nearly as practicable, equal numbers of population within each district. In no event could there be more than a 10 percent population variance. Notice requirements and other archaic language have been updated.

Sponsored by Sen. John Unger, D-Berkeley. Introduced Jan. 11. Referred to Senate Government then Senate Judiciary.



County board requirement to meet on first Monday of July annually would be eliminated

House Bill 4072.

The purpose of this bill is to eliminate a general provision requiring county boards of education to meet on the first Monday of July of every year. The specific provision that county boards must meet on the first Monday of July following each biennial primary election (§18-5-1c) is not affected.

Sponsored by Dels. M. Poling and Brady Paxton, D-Putnam. Introduced Jan. 13. Referred to House Education.



Measure would increase county board member compensation

House Bill 2073.

The purpose of this bill is to increase the amount of compensation members of county boards of education may receive for attending certain meetings. The bill increases from $100 to $200 the amount a board member may receive for attending council meetings of a regional education service agency if he or she also serves on that council. The bill increases the amount of compensation from $160 to $200 a board member may receive for each board meeting attended. The bill permits board members who serve on an administrative council of a multicounty vocational center, a county extension service committee or any other public council, committee or governing board, under specified conditions, to receive up to $200 per meeting. The bill limits the number of compensable meetings of each council, committee or governing board to 12 per fiscal year. The bill also permits county board members to be compensated up to $200 per day for approved training classes, up to a maximum of six days per fiscal year.

There are six House sponsors, including lead sponsor Del. M. Poling. Introduced Jan. 13. Referred to House Education then House Finance.

Note: Similar measures have been introduced/considered in a previous legislative session or sessions.