September 1, 2011 - Volume 31 Issue 21



The four-day school week is an increasingly visible example of the effect of state budget problems on rural education. This fall, fully one-fourth of South Dakota's districts will have moved to some form of the abbreviated schedule. According to one study, more than 120 districts in 20 states now use four-day weeks. (Sioux City Journal, 08/21/11)


“…Men are so constructed that they feel themselves committed as much by the benefits they grant as by those they receive.” – Machiavelli 


“I think one of the reasons [the need for special services is decreasing] is the way we are attacking the needs of students early on.” – Robert Hull of the Education Department

“We would expect those students to do anything that they chose to do with the proper supports to get them there. Learning disability doesn’t mean you have less cognitive ability. It is that you are abled differently and need to be taught the ways to get around those things.” – Robert Hull

“Next to aluminum cans, office paper is the most valuable item that probably a school would generate.” – Greg Sayre of Association of Professional Recyclers

“We’ve generated value from a product that was not valuable.” – Greg Sayre

“We consider this as a service to our community. Once we’ve given that to them, we can’t take it away from them.” – James Allen of Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority

“PEIA is in pretty good shape overall.” – PEIA Director Ted Cheatham

“We’re $20 million ahead of the plan on the active side, and we’re about $26 million ahead of the plan on the retirees’ side.” – Ted Cheatham 




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