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February 21, 2011 - Volume 31 Issue 12

Feb. 14- 18, 2011, Session Bills Reviewed

By Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.,

West Virginia School Board Association Executive Director

Listed below are West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates bills introduced Feb 14-18, 2011, during the First Regular Session of the 80th West Virginia Legislature.

Today is day 41 of the session, meaning there are 19 days remaining before the Legislature adjourns Midnight March 12, 2011.

Today also is the last day to introduce bills in the Senate and the House. (There are certain exceptions, including supplemental appropriations bills for example.)

Bills reviewed are listed topically, beginning with public education bills. A series of education-related bills follow. Lastly, some measures are cited briefly. Senate bills are listed first.

Note: In some cases, much of the verbiage of a proposed statute is included, especially in terms of newly-proposed legislation.

A total of 32 bills are reviewed.

For a copy of any bill, please contact WVSBA: 304.346.0571. You also may contact me at

Bills are posted on the West Virginia Legislature’s Web site:

Editor’s Note: Listing is not exhaustive.


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House Bill 3135.  Proposed §18-5-18a would require Grades K-2 have a ratio of 17 students per teacher for each such grade. (The current “number” is 20 students per teacher for these grades.)

A proposed bill provision would allow the State Superintendent of Schools to permit more than 17 students per teacher – the current ratio is 20 students per teacher – in Grades K-2  and up to 25 students in Grade 3-6, depending on “extraordinary circumstances” as determined by the State Superintendent of Schools (upon application of a county board).

There are other provisions relating to lowering the student/teacher ratio.

There are four House sponsors, including lead sponsor Del. Kevin Craig, D-Cabell. Introduced Feb. 15. Referred to House Education, then House Finance.

Reference: intr.htm&yr=2011&sesstype=RS&i=3135

Note: Similar proposals have been introduced or considered in a previous legislative session or sessions.