February 4, 2011 - Volume 31 Issue 7


Washington Governor Chris Gregoire announced that she wants to take control of The Evergreen State education policy by creating a new, Cabinet-level schools position that answers to her. Among other policy recommendations, Gregoire proposes to unify the state’s eight education agencies and 14 major education plans into a Department of Education. Gregoire’s proposal would focus all department activities on “students and student learning from early learning to higher education,” according to the Governor’s official website. Some newly elected and returning governors have signaled movement toward stronger gubernatorial influence. (Education Week 01/20/11)


“Baseball is what we were, football is what we have become.” – Mary McGrory (1918-2004),  Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Washington Post



“A minimum of sound to a maximum of sense.” – Quotation attributed to Mark Twain describing the term “sound bites.”


“The problem we’re trying to redress is the fact that the Legislature – unconstitutionally we believe – has shifted the reporting obligation for OPEB to the individual counties.” – Andy Fusco, attorney for school boards suing the state over the OPEB liability

“I’m hopeful that we’ll take that up this year and put that issue behind us once and for all. Then we’ll have more money to devote to salary enhancements, and our state pay is so low for our workers and teachers.” – Senate Judiciary Chairman Corey Palumbo on OPEB legislation

“We want to arm teachers with the facts and make sure they understand if students are facing some of these difficulties whether at home or in the classroom.” – Delegate Tiffany Lawrence

“Schools are charged with providing many more dollars than the state provides and many more dollars than the county boards of education provide.” – Delegate David Perry

“Teachers are not objectionable to evaluating them on things they control.” – Dale Lee of WVEA

“This is a good bill. We think it will go a long way toward modernizing all our classifications. It will be followed up with another bill that will be coming along that several of the doctors in the Legislature are promoting based on child nutrition.” – Bob Brown of the WVSSPA

“Obviously, the School Building Authority does not have an enforcement arm. We are a funding mechanism.” – SBA Executive Director Mark Manchin




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