January 28, 2011 - Volume 31 Issue 5


Two bills filed in the Wyoming legislature would require videotaped class periods to be part of every teacher's evaluation. Currently, all teachers are evaluated annually by law. Initial-contract teachers are evaluated twice each year. House Bill 166 also would require all teachers — on initial and continuing contracts — to be evaluated in writing every month. (Casper Tribune, 01/20/11)


If everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane! – Bumper sticker seen in Charleston 



“A minimum of sound to a maximum of sense.” – Quotation attributed to Mark Twain describing the term “sound bites.”


“I’m really concerned about a teacher shortage within the next five years. I think we have to incentivize somehow to recruit high school seniors to go into teacher education programs.” – Senate Finance Chairman Roman Prezioso

“The more children have access to technology to see and visualize outstanding teachers and become more engaged in the learning process, the more they’ll want to go into that field.” – Deputy Supt. Jorea Marple

“I think it’s a bad rap when they say we’re not keeping up with the world and we need to do this and that.” – Senate Minority Leader Mike Hall

“I feel like our county is being bailed out right now, and I don’t want to go down that road again.” – Sen. Dave Sypolt, who wants to make sure the new and renovated schools in Preston County are not left to fall apart as the old ones were

“The need far exceeds what’s going to be available.” – SBA Executive Director Mark Manchin

“[The bill] would punish the school systems for something that’s arbitrarily beyond their control concerning the residential median ratio assessment.” – Delegate Walter Duke

“We’re not doing away with textbooks. It’s like Kindle books. Your textbook is now on the computer with all the resources that go with it. So all children would have access to a textbook, but it’s on a computer versus carrying a 50-pound backpack.” – Deputy Supt. Jorea Marple

“Interesting for state budget purposes, the valuation of natural gas properties declined by about $2 billion in the most recent valuations. And that will likely lead to the need for the state to provide enhanced aid through the School Aid Formula, because overall property tax numbers may be down this year for the first time in recent memory.” – Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow

“Some folks in the Legislature are working on that problem, but that is more of a budgetary problem than a revenue problem.” – Mark Muchow on OPEB





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