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March 8, 2019 - Volume 39 Issue 9

If New Bill Is Passed, NY State Would Add 6 New Holidays to the School Calendar

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The bill allows school closure when at least 7.5 percent of student population is of that faith. (CBS New York, March 6)

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Edward Paul Abbey (1927-1989), American author and essayist noted for his advocacy of environmental issues, criticism of public land policies, and anarchist political views.


“I’m afraid this has gotten out of hand.” – Sen. Stephen Baldwin on the Senate’s education reform legislation

“Two weeks ago, the governor expressed tepid support for the Senate’s Student Success Act, but sadly I don’t think any of us was very confident the governor would maintain his support for meaningful education reform, including a modest amount of school choice, when we really needed him.” – House Majority Whip and interim Education Chairman Paul Espinosa reacting to the role Gov. Jim Justice has played on education reform

“I feel that the time is now to do education reform. We need to try to improve the education system in West Virginia, and 51 members of the House are going to decide our next steps forward.” – House Majority Leader Amy Summers, speaking in support of Senate Bill 1039, the Student Success Act

“We should all be morally convicted and morally inspired to improve the condition of our education system in our state. It’s time to act.” – Senate President Mitch Carmichael

“This is no indictment of our teachers, no indictment of our students, no indictment of our parents. It’s the system that’s failing them, and we’re defending it in this state. For decades, it’s been defended, and it’s time to change it.” – Senate President Mitch Carmichael

“For the most part, I support it.” – state Supt. Steve Paine on Senate Bill 1039

“That needs to come off right now.” – Gov. Jim Justice on an anti-strike provision added to Senate Bill 1039

“If this bill was split up and each issue was put into a standalone, pass-or-fail-on-its-own-merit bill, I could support many, many of the issues before us today.” – Sen. Paul Hardesty

“The regulations that we have in this state are oppressive. I don’t believe that this is a good thing. I believe the teachers know the students better than anyone else, and they should be allowed to make decisions at their school that benefits their students. They should not have to go through a legislator in Charleston to pass a bill.” – Senate Education Chairwoman Patricia Rucker