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The Thrasher Group

February 8, 2019 - Volume 39 Issue 5

SC Lawmakers Continue Public Hearings on Education Bill

Tuesday’s (February 5) education subcommittee meeting was another opportunity for lawmakers and members of the public to discuss the proposed 84-page bill that would provide a 10 percent raise to the minimum salary for first-year teachers, consolidate poorly performing school districts and eliminate four state standardized tests. (Associated Press, Feb. 5)

“The art of pleasing is the art of deception.” -  Luc de Clapiers (1715-1747), French author.



“We said from the start of our deliberations that we would accept input from all sides in this process, and that includes hearing from our teachers, students, parents and administrators.” – House Speaker Roger Hanshaw in calling for a public hearing to be held Monday on Senate Bill 451, the omnibus education bill

“It’s addressing many of the concerns I’ve heard about.” – House Majority Whip Paul Espinosa on the House Education Committee’s rewritten version of Senate Bill 451

“This is being billed as a comprehensive education reform bill. Is there anything in it that increases student performance?” – Delegate Jeff Campbell on Senate Bill 451

“At the end of the day, this bill is a pig. I don’t care how much lipstick you’re going to put on it. You’re not going to make it any prettier. You’re not going to change the public’s perception of Senate Bill 451.” – Delegate Isaac Sponaugle

“The parents of this state have no faith in the public education system of this state, and they’ve made that very clear to me.” – Delegate Marshall Wilson, saying that Senate Bill 451 would not go far enough in making changes

“I have more trust in the parents than I do in any educator with a Ph.D. and no matter what follows after their name.” – Delegate Tom Bibby, speaking in support of Senate Bill 451

“I’m trying to have an extra hammer on those schools that actively recruit to attempt to discourage them from doing so.” – Delegate John Doyle on his unsuccessful proposal to amend House Bill 2554 on students’ transfers to delay them by one year to deter schools from recruiting athletes from neighboring counties

“Students are not livestock. We don’t just tag them by the ear and that county owns them. Students and parents should be free to make choices on wherever they want to send their child.” – Delegate Caleb Hanna, speaking in favor of House Bill 2554 on student transfers

“When tragedy happens – and it does happen – the last thing that I believe that a family needs to worry about is finding a place within their community, if it is needed, to be able to hold their service for their loved one and for people to be able to come together to show the respect that that man or woman deserves.” – Sen. Glenn Jeffries on Senate Bill 154, which would permit funerals for fallen soldiers and first responders to be held at public schools