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March 2, 2015 - Volume 35 Issue 15

Feb. 23-24, 2015 Session Bills Reviewed

By Howard M. O’Cull, Ed.D.,
West Virginia School Board Association Executive Director

Listed below are selected West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates bills introduced Feb. 23-24, 2015.

Editor’s Note: Wednesday, March 4, is the last day to consider bills on 3rd Reading in house of origin. This provision does not apply to the state budget or supplementary appropriation bills.

February 23 was the last day to introduce bills in the Senate.

Also note that Feb. 24 was the last day to introduced bills in the House of Delegates.

Again, this Joint House/Senate rules does not apply to Senate or House resolutions or concurrent resolutions.

Bill Review Format

Bills reviewed are listed topically with Senate bills listed first.

A total 79 bills are reviewed.

At the request of several readers, I have included actual bill language for several of the proposals.

For a copy of any bill, please contact WVSBA: 304.346.0571. Or you may email me. My preferred email address is

County Boards


Permitting county boards to develop emergency preparedness drills in schools.

The bill requires a three day notice of drills and permits parents or guardians to refuse participation.

The bill exempts fire drills from notice requirement.

Sponsored by Del. Patrick Lane, R-Kanawha.

Introduced Feb. 24.

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